Attract More Customers to Your Business With These Tips To Being Remarkable

Driving customers to your business is not a walk-in-the-park. If you’re a business owner yourself, you'll know that customers are the lifeblood of your business so being able to bring in a steady stream of new customers is essential for the growth and profitability of it! 

Read on for tips on how you can attract more people to your business by simply being remarkable

Be the best at what you do 

Being the best at what you do is one way to stand out in the competitive era that we live in. If you’re not already ‘the best’, rather than fighting to be better than the best, try redefining your market to be more narrow and work on being the best for that market. Say, for instance, you’re a personal trainer. Rather than trying to be the best personal trainer in the world (which, let’s be real, is pretty close to unattainable), find a profitable niche and put more effort into targeting that smaller group of people and being the best for them. For example, you could narrow down your practice, specializing in body weight training or go even narrower and target specifically children who need to lose fat. This works well for you in many ways. For one, it will make you memorable to prospective clients when they are searching for your particular service. People are more likely to look for specialized niche trainers, over general trainers who claim that they can do it all!  

Build a worthy website 

In today’s day and age where technology is all the rage, business owners have to keep up with being able to effectively reach their audiences, digitally. Doing this through creating a business website is one thing, but driving traffic into that channel is another challenge in itself. In attracting users to your website, it needs to be worthy of people’s time and you want to avoid what Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah refer to in their book, Inbound Marketing, as megaphone broadcasting. Megaphone websites are the kind that are filled with such an overwhelming amount of sales-oriented messages that people tend to visit once, click around and never return again. Instead of a megaphone approach, you want to be building a collaborative hub for your marketplace which will offer greater benefits to you in today’s online environment. This differs from the megaphone strategy by “pulling” (rather than pushing) customers to your business by providing them with remarkable and engaging information that they value and are actively searching for. 

Creating remarkable content 

The Internet is a wonderful tool for businesses because it enables for the rapid spread of ideas. However, while the Internet gives you the chance to quickly reach a wide audience, it’s important to keep in mind that it opens the exact same doors for your competitors as well, meaning that you need to stand out as much as possible by offering unique and valuable content to a segment of buyers. Within the large pool of ideas being shared online, common and invaluable content will languish unfound.  

“Watch your competitors but don’t follow them” 
Arnoldo Hax 

Create remarkable content by sharing some of your knowledge with your readers. A nutritionist, for example, could attract people to their website by creating content about food, nutrition, and diets that prospective people will want answers to and actively search online for. Putting your own unique spin to your content will have these new customers coming back to you and your website for more. Surely you’ll know companies such as Wikipedia and Entrepreneur because they win big online. They have what seems like a factory for content that spreads like wildfire through social media sites and other websites who share their content. The beauty of creating content online is that they will never go away. In fact, the more of them you create, the more traffic you are able to generate on top of the traffic you are able to generate with your older content, meaning more and more streams of new customers! 

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