Generate More Leads to Your Fitness and Wellness Business with These Types of Content Marketing

In our previous article, we shared 10 ways that content marketing can grow and transform your business. Hopefully, it's sparked enough interest to get you thinking of ways that you can create your own content. There's an overwhelming number of options for ways that you can create content, so today we’re helping you identify a few types of content marketing that could work best for you as a fitness and wellness professional!

Generally, as a content creator myself, I believe there are a few characteristics that should run across all the types of content marketing we are about to discuss below. The main one being that content marketing is a form of inbound marketing. This means that regardless of which type of content marketing you choose to execute, it should be done with the purpose of drawing visitors and potential customers in, as opposed to outwardly pushing your brand, product or service onto prospects. Think pull, rather than push!

Check out these types of content marketing and see which ones you think will work best for you and your business!

Blog Post

Business owners tend to steer away from blog posts because they are thought to require a lot of time and skill to craft, however, when a reasonable amount of time and effort is put into regularly creating and sharing high-quality content, it can make a huge difference in terms of your business’ visibility, leads and sales. As a fitness or wellness professional, you are also well equipped with a lot of knowledge that people want to know about, so use this to your advantage in creating valuable content articles to grow your business. 

When creating blog posts, it should be done on a consistent basis to maximize the returns. This is because for every piece of new content in the form of an article that is published online, it’s another opportunity for leads to find you or get to know more about you via organic search. As long as you’re writing about topics that provide a solution that readers are searching for, it’s practically guaranteed that your efforts will attract quality leads.

Blogging also gives you the opportunity to connect with your target audience. If you enable a comments or feedback section you’ll be allowing the reader to get engaged, and in return, your responses to these engagements can help you create rapport with them, build trust, and gain more valuable insight into what your customers need or are looking for for future content.


From offering educational and how-to videos to webinars, there are so many ways that you can reach your target audience through the creation of video content. Statistics have suggested the effectiveness of creating video content. In a Video Marketing Statistics survey, findings showed that 77% of respondents were convinced to buy a product a service simply based on watching a video. 

The wonderful thing about videos is that it’s much easier to engage viewers and evoke their emotions through this form of content marketing. This makes it a very effective tool to foster the trust of your target audience. Upon filming or editing, you should ensure the incorporation of a call to action, whether it be visible the whole way through the video, shown at strategic points throughout, or at the end of the video.

Interviews and Podcasts

Taking part in interviews and creating podcasts are another great way for you to demonstrate your expertise in the industry. Whether you’re the person hosting the podcast or the subject being interviewed, participating in these are a way for you to conversationally impress your listeners in an authoritative way to build credibility in your industry while simultaneously touting the products and services you can provide.

Podcasts can help you reach out to a whole new world of audiences for your business and it can also help you retain your current client base because listeners of podcasts will usually subscribe to a podcast series. Once subscribed, they will also regularly tune in to listen when they are notified of newly released podcasts. This means, that as long as you are constantly churning out your audio series, your audience is likely to continue to listen and this can encourage customer retention. 

Podcasts are also relatively easy to produce in comparison to video content. This particularly applies to smaller businesses because creating impactful high-quality videos involve numerous variables such as lighting, sound, and visuals, and without the proper knowledge and equipment needed to create these, the videos can become inefficacious. 


Reviews are an exceptionally powerful way of showcasing the great customer experiences that your existing clients have had with you and your business. Statistics are a strong indicator of the effectiveness of sharing customer experiences. A survey conducted by Dimensional Research has shown that 90% of buying decisions are influenced by reading customer reviews. Additionally, 79% of consumers say that positive customer reviews make them trust a business more. These numbers suggest that testimonials are a worthy method of generating leads.

Downloadable Content

Although initially time-consuming to create, downloadable content is a great and cost-effective way to boost awareness, gain subscribers and generate quality leads. The downloadable content that you create should be of exceptional value to your target audience. For example, a personal trainer whose focus is on helping clients achieve their weight goals could create a simple workout program for weight-loss. Similarly, a nutritionist who specializes in advising athletes could offer a short-term meal plan that optimizes sports performance.

It’s important to note that when offering downloadable content, the form you create for people to access it should be brief and easy to complete. You should only ask for the minimum amount of information needed to get their contact details for lead generation. This is to ensure that they go through the entire process rather than click away from feeling turned off about having to spend too much time accessing your downloadable.


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