How Personal Trainers Can Create Multiple Streams of Income and Find Financial Freedom

How To Avoid The Time-Money Trap Of One-To-One Personal Training with Chris Dufey - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast 

When personal trainers are just beginning in the industry, they often find themselves working around 60 hours-a-week on one-to-one training with clients. Because these trainers are only earning when they are with their clients, they fall into a time-money trap where their income is tied to the schedule of their clients. This can cause trainers to neglect themselves and their loved ones as they find themselves constantly in the gym and training people in order to earn money.

What if there was a way to break that cycle and earn a passive income whilst you are away from the gym? This would allow you to have time for yourself and others to live a life that is on your own terms. Fortunately, Chris Dufey has the answer – by creating multiple streams of income. More importantly, Chris shows personal trainers and health professionals how to build their own online business.

“It is totally up to you. Take responsibility. Figure out it is only a few simple steps away from where you are now”
– Chris Dufey


About Chris Dufey

Chris Dufey is a successful physique and conditioning coach who is a marketing advisor to fitness companies and ran his own highly successful personal training businesses in Sydney and Dubai.  

However, despite the success, he felt that he was stuck in a time-money trap. He was spending most of his time at the gym to earn money whilst missing out on being there for his family. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he raced home from a day at the gym, only to miss feeding his baby and putting it to bed. As a proud father, this really hurt Chris. He decided to break free from the time-money trip, by relocating to Bali and focusing on online training and consulting. He says that this has been one of the best decisions that he has ever made.

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Show Highlights 

• Chris talks about how he was stuck in the time-money trap with a successful business but no time for his family
• How missing putting his baby to bed was the catalyst for positive change
• Why personal trainers need to think about multiple streams of income to avoid the time-money trap
• Why personal trainers need to take responsibility for making this positive change

“The freedom factor is really important to me”
– Chris Dufey

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