How to Write Great Event Descriptions That'll Boost Attendance

You’ve put lots of time and thought into coming up with a unique and valuable event experience for your customers, and now it’s time to start getting people to get people excited for it.

Keep in mind that writing a powerful and effective event description for your marketing collaterals is crucial to a good turnout for your event. Here are some tips on how you can write an event description that’ll grab attention and drive attendance!

Know your audience 

Before even getting started, it helps to get an idea researching who your audience is. Having a good understanding of the demographic you are writing your pitch to will help dictate your rhetoric.

Elements for writing your event description

There are countless ways to personalise and spice up your event description, however, there are a few necessary elements that you should include to give viewers a general idea of what your event is about.

Remember these five W’s when writing your event descriptions: 
• What - what’s the event about and what can attendees expect during it?
• Who - who is hosting the event and who will be involved?
• When - when will the event take place?
• Where - where is the event being held?
• Why - why is this event taking place or why should guests come? 

Brand consistency

Your event is a part of your brand and so your description is not only a chance for you to drive attendance to your event, but also one for you to talk about and market your brand. 

When writing up your description, ensure that your branding creative such as your brand logo, colours, voice and fonts are reflected through it too.

Prioritise information 

A common mistake in event description writing is waiting too long to identify key information, that is – what the event is about. Include the most interesting and important information about at the beginning of your description in order to engage readers straight away. The last thing you want is for potential attendees to lose interest and click away before they even get to the hook of the description! 

Keep it short 

It’s important to keep in mind that the denser in content your description is, the less likely a reader is to get through it entirely. In writing your description, writing something that’s concise and quick for potential attendees to read is key to ensuring their attention and interest. 

TIP: Break down parts of your copy (such as key features, the event programme, or guest speakers introductions) into smaller sections with headers or bullet points so readers can digest information easily by simply skimming.


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