How Personal Trainers Can Stop Trading Time For Money

Stop Trading Dollars for Hours with Eric Bach - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast 

Whether it’s at an office desk or on the gym floor, the daily grind of hourly work gets old. Sure, some people manage to work a superhuman quantity of hours each week and come away with good money. But what about the quality of that work? Is it providing something of true, lasting value to the client? 

Being a successful trainer is not about spending every possible moment in the gym and getting burned out in the process. It’s about moving each client towards their unique fitness goals, using whatever tools and strategies are most effective.

Today’s guest Eric Bach is leveraging the power of online fitness and marketing to make personal training less like a grind and more like a smartly-run business. 

“Are you building a business that is going to be sustainable for you in the long term? What are the other trainers in your gym doing? Ask yourself, is that really what you want? Because if you don’t take the actions that you need now, you’re not going to have that in the future.”
- Eric Bach


About Eric Bach

Eric Bach, CSCS is a personal trainer, author, and fitness business coach at Bach Performance. Eric is passionate about helping trainers take their business online by cutting through information overload, helping coaches stop trading dollars for hours and building long-term, sustainable fitness businesses.  

Eric’s hybrid training model pairs traditional one-on-one sessions in the gym with innovative online resources.

By offering clients a real fitness solution, rather than a limited number of hours at the gym, trainers can build their reputation and create a business that’s both more time-efficient and sustainable in the long run.

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Show Highlights

• How moving away from the hourly model builds business resilience and flexibility
• Why business development should be done first thing in the morning
• Using personal appearance as business advertising
• Why being a successful trainer is about problem-solving, not hours worked
• Should I hire a coach? Eric’s expert advice on the when, why, and how

“Be better than everybody else...and your business will start to build naturally from that point. Beyond that component, you have to realize that what you are selling is not fitness. You’re selling a complete transformation of the person on a whole.”
- Eric Bach

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