Up Your Personal Training Game with This Free Master Class

It’s a safe life, but the fitness industry has you in a nasty chokehold. You work hard and make money. Clients love you. Overall, it’s nice (even great sometimes). But if you’ve been in the game long enough, a sobering fact repeats in your head: your precious talents are lighting up someone else’s bank account.

There’s a gap between where you are (on their gym floor) and where you want to be (on Core Collective's gym floor).  

In this free Personal Trainer Master Class, Joe Hanney, Core Collective’s in house consultant, former multiple award-winning personal trainer and fitness business entrepreneur shares his secrets to help you make the most out of a career as a personal trainer, for yourself. 

In this training, you'll discover ... 

How your identity and mindset of a personal trainer is holding you back from more clients, more profit and more freedom.

As a personal trainer, of course, it’s your role to ensure that you help your clients get results. But if you’re like most, you become too fixated on this. See why being an expert at what you do may actually slow your business growth, and how to get out of this rut.

Hiring your first trainer and scaling beyond just yourself.

Most personal trainers don’t have a complete picture of what it is they’re doing and where they’re intending to go. Don’t worry—the digital workbook that we’ve included will give you clarity, get you out of this black and white mentally you’re stuck in, and get you started putting the right people in the right places for your personal training business to work.

How to systemize your coaching, let go of your ego and operate in a way that is unheard of in the fitness industry (TOP SECRET that only trainers at Core Collective know)

We’ll show you how to use systems so that you can take a holiday and still get paid.

About the Master Class Host: Joe Hanney 

Joe is passionate about helping personal trainers set their own rules; look after their clients, the way they want to - and – most importantly – pay themselves what they’re worth.

They all do this whilst creating a business that serves their life.

Joe’s help is based on his own personal values: fitness, family and freedom. These values are the foundations of his 18 years of experience and success in the fitness industry.