Turning Scarcity into a Resource to Build a Successful and Sustainable Personal Training Business

Turning Scarcity into a Resource, with Andrew Cooke - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast 

One unfortunate reality of the modern world is that there will always be someone willing to work longer hours for less money. That’s as true of the fitness industry as any. With so much competition, how can you as a personal trainer stay afloat and run your business sustainably? Make yourself specialized. Selective. Even a little bit scarce. Not only will your personal brand stand out and attract the right clients, but you will be more effective at achieving real results and building long-term working relationships.

If you’re stuck in the rat-race mentality, that can be a scary transition. We have been conditioned to take comfort in a full schedule, and voluntarily passing up a potential client seems like financial suicide. Don’t make the mistake of exchanging short-term gain for long-term pain. Just think carefully about who you are how you can provide the best value for your clients; the rest will fall into place.

“We're not focused so much on your technical skills, in terms of being a personal trainer; that's a given. You're assumed to have those. And that actually won't really differentiate you from anyone else, because everyone else can do those technical things. But it's you as a person that becomes the thing that stands out.”  

– Andrew Cooke

About Andrew Cooke

Andrew is the Director of Growth & Profit Solutions, a company dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential through strategic planning. Andrew holds an MBA from London Business School and has over 20 years of experience in numerous countries as a management consultant. In this episode, Andrew shares his valuable insights on how personal trainers can achieve long-term growth and personal satisfaction in their work.

Show Highlights

• Why trainers should be open to collaborating with specialists in other fields.

• Learning to say no: why it’s bad business to accept every potential client.

• How the simple act of listening to clients builds your reputation and brand.

• How to find your niche and tie-in your unique skills as a personal trainer.

• The economics of ‘bundling’ and ‘un-bundling’ in the fitness industry.

• Why a personal touch–not technical ability– will set you apart from the competition.

• Be a gardener, not a hunter: let clients come to you.

“The analogy that I always like to use is that people don't buy a quarter-inch drill, they buy a quarter-inch hole. They don't buy what you do, they buy what you do for them. As a personal trainer, what is it you're doing for people? Not just as you think, but as they think, as they see it. Because of their the reality.”

– Andrew Cooke

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