Why It's Important to Dress for Success and How to Do It as a Personal Trainer

Dress to Impress, with Antonio Centeno - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast 

You can’t judge a book by its cover,’ the saying goes. And that’s absolutely true, for books.

When it comes to people, appearances really do matter. We all make subconscious judgments about other people based on their personal grooming and clothing habits. Sometimes our snap judgments don’t align with reality. But often enough, and particularly in the professional world, they do. We naturally gravitate to people who look the part and seem confident in their role.

Ultimately, we all want the look that works for us – that complements our unique looks, projects authority, wears comfortably, but that also doesn’t get in the way or leave us scratching our head when trying to get dressed in the morning. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be.

“To me, credibility is so key. If a naked man walks into a crowded room and yells ‘fire,’ what do we think? We just think he’s crazy. If a fireman says ‘everyone get out of here,’ do we question him? No. Instant authority.”
- Antonio Centeno

About Antonio Centeno

Antonio Centeno is the founder of Real Men Real Style, a web-based company offering a wealth of style and grooming-related advice to men around the world. With literally thousands of educational resources, Real Men Real Style is helping men from all walks of life develop their personal and professional image. Because style is not just about looking good; it’s about realizing your full potential inside and out.

Show Highlights

• Enclosed cognition: how dressing the part makes you feel the part
• Why we unconsciously give healthy-looking people the benefit of the doubt
• How to make good style and grooming an everyday habit
• Why it’s crucial for self-employed workers in any industry to develop their own uniform
• Right look, right occasion: clothing advice for trainers inside and outside the gym
• How to inspire confidence in your clients by custom-tailoring your personal image

“There isn’t a right path. There is the path that you choose. This is the image and the presentation that I want to give and this is the direction I want to go.”
- Antonio Centeno

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