Work Less, Make More and Achieve Life Balance as a Personal Trainer

How To Reduce Your Workload And Achieve Life Balance, With Fitness Entrepreneur Erik Rokeach

We all strive to train as hard as possible, whether that is in the gym or in the local jujitsu dojo. These habits can be hard to break, and the amount of time that we are spending in the gym could mean that other areas of our lives are taking a back seat. This also applies to entrepreneurs who are working around the clock in order to help their businesses grow. But instead of training or working longer, what if we started to train and work smarter? This requires an approach that takes care of the mind as well as the body.

“Find exactly what you are looking for and feel great about the process”
– Erik Rokeach

About Erik Rokeach

Erik Rokeach is an entrepreneurial coach and trainer. After spending many years working tirelessly to build several businesses, Erik found that the workload and stress that he had exposed himself to was taking a massive toll on his mental and physical wellbeing. He followed the advice of business coaches and yet he wasn’t making the money he wanted or expanding his client base in a way that was satisfactory. 

He had sacrificed personal relationships in order to dedicate 18 hours a day to establishing himself as an entrepreneur, and yet he had very little to show for it. This attitude to his work ended with Erik lying in a hospital bed on the brink of a catastrophe.

He realized he had to change his methods and reduce his workload in order to work smarter and escape the entrepreneurial rat race. He moved into coaching other entrepreneurs, sharing his negative experiences and positive insights with others. This has seen him go from strength to strength.

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Show Highlights

• How working obsessively for 18 hours a day nearly killed Erik, and how he decided to turn things around
• How breaking an obsessive working or training schedule can have a positive impact on the other areas of our lives
• Why he believes that coaching might what many trainers need to manage themselves better and to achieve greater success

“If personal trainers can help us get in shape, why don’t we have someone who is trained in helping the mind?”
– Erik Rokeach

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