How to Book
For Newbies

Follow these steps to book your 1st class:

  1. Create an online Core Collective MindBody account here. (Click "Book" and then "Create an account")

  2. Email us at with these details

    • Full Name
    • Email
    • Contact Number
    • The Package you would like to purchase
      1. Group Class Starter Package* 
        1. Standard
        2. Reformer & Aerial
        3. All Access
      2. Group Class Package (12 Classes or 30 Classes Package)
        1. Standard
        2. Reformer & Aerial
        3. All Access
    • 1st class you would like to attend
      1. Date
      2. Time
      3. Class Name
      4. Class Location: Core Collective Anson or Core Collective Dempsey
  3. Make payment when you check-in before starting your 1st class

    • Arrive 15 min before your class to make payment. Admission will be denied 5 min after the class starts.
    • Come in comfortable workout gear & exercise shoes. It is advisable to wear non-slip socks for Reformer classes. 

*Group Class Starter Packages are applicable to 1st-time users only. 


For Existing Package Holders

Classed can be booked via the Core Collective MindBody App on Google Play or App Store.

If there is an issue with your MindBody account, please email

Our cancellation policy is that you will be charged for the class if you cancel within 24 hours of the start of class.