Breaking Limits Bootcamp

Kickstart the morning with a round of physical training that will get your body moving to a full body dynamic workout! Start flexing muscles that you didn't even know exists!

Next, we will show you how to take a meditative pause to slow your body down and still your mind through mindful breathing techniques and yoga movement.

Lastly, wrap the morning up with a talk to show you how to take this invigorating experience further to create optimal flow in your life!

p/s: Clean, nutritious wholesome snacks provided!

Look forward to:
• integrate your mental, physical and emotional body together for a holistic change that will bring you more freedom for your life's performance.
• learn how to meditate and elevate your awareness
• experience the limits of your physical body through intensive workout
• clean, nutritious whole food snacks provided.

JEL Movement

JEL is a modern-day oasis of wellness and self-discovery that aspires to help everyone break free, and get the most from their personal and professional lives.

 Founded in 2018, we provide life coaching, self-development workshops, and learning retreats for individuals and organisations. Our focus is on guiding anyone who wants to break free from their current lives to build something better and more fulfilling for themselves.

Our trainers and coaches are experts in their individual fields of physical fitness & nutrition, coaching and personal development topics like self-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence and charisma.

At JEL, we are all about enhancing and improving the human experience through our customised, experiential self-development journeys.