Christmas Survival: Emotions Management Workshop
Survive Christmas, or no.. better, have a Merry Christmas!

This Emotions Management Workshop is a unique combination of practical psychology and coaching tools

We jump into the car or plane excited to be back home for Christmas. Excited to see whole family together and hoping that it will be great being reunited with friends and family, that house will be perfectly clean and prepared with all lovely shiny Christmas décor. 

It is absolutely normal that we all want to have truly Merry Christmas and spend slow and relaxing time with tones of fun memories being recalled, with room filled with laughter and joy when doing things together. We want to FEEL Christmas around us, with all its flavours (oh how I miss gingerbread cookies) and sense of calmness and love.. and then BOOM reality comes in with its emotional roller-coaster.

Give yourself time to do the emotional-survival check up & be ready to have Merry Christmas with friends and family.

Beata Justkowiak

Beata is a former athlete, professional Psychologist and Life Coach, knows the power of change and spectrum of emotions accompanying it.
She felt the need to create a space that was not only energising and lifting for the mind, but also the body.
Founder of Energising Goals where are does workshops and individual sessions, and Fit Chill Out Retreats.
Beata has a penchant for dark chocolate, a good belly laugh and thought provoking conversations. 
She moved from Poland to Singapore six years ago knowing that the sky was the limit.