Fit Chill Out Retreat
Invest in yourself, relax your mind and train your body with Beata Justkowiak and Cheryl Lin

6 days on the beautiful island of Bali where we'll work together as a small group to re-charge, soar your inspiration vibes and train your body and mind for that all encompassing soul journey. Daily activities will include: 

1. Yoga

2. Fitness workouts

3. Coaching workshop

Learn how to embrace and enjoy ‘guilt free me-time’ and become comfortable with the concept of Conscious Living whilst we talk about managing emotions, the process of change as well as learn rules of mindfulness for your everyday living. 

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Fit Chill Out Retreats

So, who are we? What do we do and why should you be part of our tribe? 

A long time ago we came to the realisation that your body and mind work together for the best and also for the worst. We designed Fit Chill Out Retreats as a slow workshop where we focus on helping your mind and your body to firstly, help ease your fears and worries - whether in life or career and secondly, to give you the tricks and tips so that your fearless life can carry on after we all go home. 

During our Fit Chill Out Retreats, we'll work together in intimate groups to create solutions for your problems, find ways to realise your ambitions and goals in life on a personal level or career path but most of all, we are your team that has your back on your path to true fulfilment and happiness.