Intro to Neuroplasticity

Treatment of Neurological Conditions

IFN Singapore is a world leading treatment and rehabilitation centre, utilising the latest in neuroplasticity and neuroscience research, to develop treatments aimed at improving brain and nervous system performance.

Please join our event, to understand more about what we do, and specifically how we look to combat a broad range of neurological conditions - migraines, seizure disorders, strokes, attention deficit disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, developmental coordination delay, vertigo, depression, learning and developmental disorders, concussion syndromes, autism…

We will discuss:

  • What is Neuroplasticity?
  • IFN and Neuroplasticity
  • What Neurological disorders can IFN help with?
  • How does IFN utilise their latest research in Neuroplasticity to treat these conditions?
  • Case studies / real life examples
  • Questions and discussion


Dr. Randy Beck

Internationally renowned expert in the field of clinical neuroplasticity and neuroplastic restructuring techniques. His textbooks on the subject are considered the standard in education and clinical practice in the field of Functional Neurology.