Smash Your Goals
Jump-start the new year with Coach Matej as he shows us how to set and achieve health and fitness goals.

Finding it difficult to kick-start your 2019 fitness routine?
Looking to discover healthier habits this new year?
Having trouble focusing while reaching your health and fitness goals?

In this complimentary workshop, you will learn the following: 
1. Goal Setting
2. The importance of Mental Routines - motivation, visualization, meditation
3. The importance of Good Nutrition
4. Creating your Workout Plan
5. Q&A
The workshop will conclude with a 30 minutes Group Workout.

Coach Matej will lead the workout and teach you how to execute your workout plan with proper form.
Please come in comfortable workout gear.

Coach Matej

The first thing you will notice about Matej is his thick Slovenian accent and down-to-earth personality. He is unintentionally hilarious but his training sessions will push you to the limit. Matej is a Strength and Conditioning coach with a reputation that precedes him. He has worked with some of the best Slovenian athletes and Tennis Players that have reached the ATP finals and Football players that have scored goals during the World Cup. He takes a holistic approach to fitness and strives to educate and train his clients, enabling them to reach their mental and physical health goals. Even though Matej started fitness coaching over 10 years ago, his curiousity, drive and dedication to his work means that he is constantly trying to improve, upgrading his skills for the betterment of his clients.