Surviving Pain - Recovering faster with food and exercise
Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Tomassini & Sports Nutritionist James Yeo collaborate for the first time!

Surviving Pain - Recovering with food and exercise

Topics they will be covering:

A) Physiology of an injury

B) Exercise and therapies for recovery

C) Nutrition for recovery

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Dr. Kevin Tomassini & James Yeo


Dr. Kevin Tomassini

Dr. Kevin Tomassini, a USA board certified Doctor of Chiropractic with a background in fitness, has been providing his chiropractic services in Singapore since 2013.

A strong believer in functionality, he practises integrative corrective spinal care on his patients through the use of Chiropractic combined with physical therapy, nutritional consultancies and exercise prescription.

On top of that, he subscribes to the belief that knowledge is power, and one can find him delivering a variety of fitness and wellness related topics and events at schools and organisations.

Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Tomassini was a Track and Field athlete, worked as a fitness trainer and a Physical Education teacher. He is passionate about fitness, surfing, traveling, food, and music!

James Yeo:

With a niche in weight management and sports performance, James empowers different individuals, including competitive athletes, salespeople, and busy business owners to achieve their fitness goals in the most successful and sustainable way possible.

Holding multiple qualifications from both exercise science and nutrition, James links both exercise and nutrition together to a paint a fuller picture on how to better measure and manage your health, fitness, and nutrition to reach out to your goals. He believes that eating towards your best body doesn’t require any sacrifice in taste. Clean eating to hit your fitness goal? Nah.

James also holds rich experiences in both the exercise and performance nutrition industry. His experience includes sports coaching, personal training and was even a sports scientist for a well-known government corporation. He has also held multiple talks with various notable companies, such as Orchid Country Club, Unilever Network and train-the-trainer workshops on Performance Nutrition with Personal Trainers. James is a client-centered performance nutritionist: He meets you where you are, gives you what you need, so you can achieve what you want. No matter what you’ re going through, if you have a goal, James will have a solution. James produce results.