Kickstart your Handstand
Get over your fear of handstands in this 4 session course designed for all fitness levels

Do you want to start practicing handstands?
Feeling lost when it comes to progressing your handstands?
Do your joints hurt after practicing?
Conquer your fear of falling, and safely progress your handstands in our Handstand course - Kickstart your Handstand.

Held over 4 Saturdays in June, in each 2-hour session you will practice handstand progressions, explore the theory behind handstand alignment, and properly condition your joints to handle the demands of hand balancing. Build your handstand toolkit with new drills and exercises, with the goal of you being able to safely practice handstands on your own.

Expect lots of practice, drills, and most importantly, fun! This is a multi level course suitable for new beginners who have never tried a handstand class, to practitioners looking to solidify their handstand. 

Ryan Wong, Mushin Movement

Ryan Wong, co-founder of Mushin Movement

Ryan has over a decade of coaching experience. His passion in hand balancing has led him to train under various hand balancing teachers including Sainaa from London, and he now wants to share his training experience with you.

Mushim Movement

We believe that people are resilient, and capable of far more than they think they can. Our coaches are always exploring methods to find out the best ways to aid people with their physical goals.

Based in sunny Singapore, and hailing from different training backgrounds spanning from yoga to martial arts, the coaches of Mushin Movement met while working together at the now defunct Bodytree Gymnastic Fitness. Their passion for coaching and love of body-weight movements led to the birth of Mushin Movement.

Rather than simply making people perspire, we want to empower people with the knowledge to make better choices for themselves.  With classes ranging from handstands to mobility training, we want to provide people with the tools to find their physical freedom.

At Mushin Movement, our goal is simple. It's to help people move better, and feel better.