Managing your ACL Injury: Speed Up Recovery to Peak Performance

A complete tear of the ACL in the knee has the potential to end one’s participation in sports. This is why proper rehabilitation after ACL injury or surgery is essential to minimize the risk of re-injury as you return to sport.

This talk brings together three sports therapists to share everything you need to know about getting back to peak performance after an ACL injury. 

What to Expect: 

 A 1.5 hour talk covering
     • what an ACL tear is and why it’s so common
     • improving surgery outcomes through pre-operative physiotherapy 
     • what to expect post-surgery 
     • how to achieve rehabilitation goals faster 
     • returning to sport without ACL surgery (non-operative management) 

A Q&A session to have all your questions on ACL injury management, answered

A wellness bazaar - explore different organisations and practitioners from the health and wellness industry

A networking session over food and drinks 

Programme Flow:
6.00pm - Registration opens 
6.00 - 7.30pm - Wellness bazaar and networking session
7.30 - 9.00pm - Speakers' workshop

*Dinner will be provided


Aw Boon Wei
Exercise Physiologist, Theaw Health Consulting Pte Ltd

Since 2011, Boon Wei has been treating athletes suffering from chronic bodily pain in the muscle, joint and bone. Practising as a professional licensed Exercise Physiologist, Boon Wei uses scientifically proven processes to assess your movement to get to the root of the pain, which he will subsequently prescribe a set of tailored exercises for treatment as part of the healing and recovery process to address the client’s specific needs according to his or her body condition.

Jaden Lim
Principal Physiotherapist, Rehab & Beyond Pte Ltd

Jaden is an AHPC Registered Physiotherapist with a Master’s degree from Australia. He has a decade of experience working in public and private hospitals, where he partnered prominent orthopaedic specialists to develop post-surgery physiotherapy protocols and deliver professional education talks. Besides his hospital experience, Jaden has also worked with football players in the National Football Academy (Football Association of Singapore).

Kalidass Murugan
Physiotherapist, Virar’s Physiotherapy

With an M. Adv. in Clinical Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) from Australia, Kalidass, known as Dass, has 9 years of experience working at public hospital and private clinic settings treating Musculoskeletal conditions, Sports injuries and Post-operative management. He has served with Team Singapore as a physiotherapist in the medical team in SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games in 2015.

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