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 Active Women, founded by Danielle, is dedicated in helping women integrate health and fitness into their lives. Active Women especially focuses on pre- and postnatal fitness. Other specializations include weight loss, strength training and functional fitness. 

Having a one-year-old daughter herself motivated Danielle to help other moms and moms-to-be to stay healthy and strong during this special phase of their life. She wants you to experience the strength that comes from fitness, both mentally and physically, through personalized fitness coaching. Danielle’s aim is for you to feel amazing about yourself and to make well being, balance and positive mindset a priority.

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Danielle Van Der Leest
Personal Trainer

Danielle is an ACE qualified personal trainer, and among her certifications are FIT Singapore Women’s Fitness Specialist, ACE Pre- and Postnatal Fitness, GGS Pre- and Postnatal Coaching and Julie Wiebe Piston Science. With her knowledge, experience and skills she helps women bridge the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be.

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