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About Ahilya Kaul

Professional Experience

Ahilya Kaul is a professional contemporary dancer, F45 instructor, and certified barre teacher. She grew up in Singapore, earned her Bachelor of Arts training as a dancer at UCLA, furthered her training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, and went on to dance, choreograph, perform, and teach around the US, Israel, and Singapore. Ahilya is also midway through certifying to teach a unique and revolutionary movement research language from Israel called Gaga. She is currently based in Singapore where she is a freelance trainer, performing artist, and writer on health and fitness. Her goal is to motivate and include a wide variety of clients, from beginners to experienced movers, and help clients find strength, confidence, and newfound body awareness. Her past experience allows her to break down exercises with clarity and make information about form and balance accessible to clients. This enables them to gain the most out of their workouts, be challenged, and move intelligently, sustainably, and without pain.

To book a class with Ahilya, please contact her at the following:
Contact number: 91522780.
Email: ahilyakaul@gmail.com

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