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Centre Stage School of the Arts, Singapore was founded in 1999 to create an environment in which children can use drama to explore both the imaginative and concrete world. Based on the simple idea that creativity in children is important and the performing arts are of value to absolutely everybody. 

Centre Stage provide a comprehensive programme of performing and creative arts programmes from parent accompanied classes for tiny tots all the way up to performance training for teens. Courses are available from 6 months old to 18 years +. Celebrating 20 years of operation this September, Centre Stage is the leading school of it’s kind. As a testament to its popularity and need, Centre Stage has grown from 1 room in a condo, to two fully-fledged centres in the West (2007) and East Coast (2012) of Singapore. They also provide both in curriculum and extra-curricular programmes in international pre-schools, schools and the occasional condo in the Lion City. 

Type of Classes available:

Toddler Express (2.5 years - 3.5 years)

A parent accompanied class especially designed for your little movers and shakers - combining movement, storytelling and creative play. We hope to inspire every child with a love of movement and start to introduce basic dance steps, discipline, imagination and poise, through stories, props and dancing with Mum or Dad. 

Play Stage I (18 months - 3.5 years )

In this parent accompanied class, toddlers gain their first experience of a learning atmosphere - they are introduced to the basic rules of interaction: sitting, standing, taking turns and sharing, in preparation for school. Imaginative play - through drama, stories, puppets and music - helps develop confidence, whilst clarity of speech is worked on through basic speech sounds and songs. Art and craft activities are also included to encourage both fine and gross motor skills. 

Baby Stage (6 months - 18 months)

Is a Play Based Learning experience 6 months to 18 months, designed to enhance the child/parent relationship. The class is based in Creative Play and features Singing, Art Making, Drama, Storytelling, Speech Work. Baby Stage is the first stepping stone to being with other children and learning by modelling what the teacher does.

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