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Dawit was born in Korea, grew up in the United States, and was transferred to Singapore in 2016 for his cybersecurity job at a bank. He is now a proud Permanent Resident of Singapore. 

He likes to wear many hats. During the day, he's a cybersecurity incident manager, protecting the Bank from a wide array of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. At night and on weekends, he's an actor, model, and personal trainer. He admits that juggling multiple jobs while remaining committed to each one has been, and still is, tough at times, but he feels that he has learned, through countless trials and errors, to manage his time and resources well enough to achieve growth and balance in all aspects of his life. 

Fitness has always played a crucial role in the lead up to the person Dawit is now. He grew up playing various sports and doing martial arts, and loves how being active has the ability to bring personal joy, the opportunity to bond with others, and lasting effects on not just physical, but intellectual and emotional levels. 

Dawit believes in holistic and continual growth in life, encompassing health, career, intellect, finances, and relationships.

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