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About Dean Ng

Professional Experience

With her background in gerontology and nutrition, Dean dispenses up to date practical knowledge that empowers her clients to experience their peak health and fitness within 90 days without exercise, unnecessarily complicated diets or counting of calories. She is committed to helping you achieve longevity, abundance in energy, and supports you in your journey as you redesign your life with newfound zest and redefines your relationship with food as well as your body.

Dean helps those who want to work on giving themselves long-lasting weight-loss and optimal nutrition without counting calories or taking special products, detox remedies or artificial supplements with a structured 90-day coaching program that will fully support the transformation process. Besides a physical transformation, Dean also helps those who wish to discover an efficient and effective way to achieve their breakthroughs, enhance their body intuition, cut away brain fog and who are looking to reverse or reduce the progression of chronic conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

As a testimony to the confidence of the results she can deliver, Dean provides a full money-back guarantee if you do not see or feel any transformation after playing full out. Thus far, all her clients have experienced major breakthroughs and see amazing results within themselves.

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