Dr Lim Xiang Jun

Senior Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)/Acupuncture Consultant
Dr (TCM) Xiang Jun

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About Dr Lim Xiang Jun

Professional Experience

Having to have spent more than 7 years in Beijing has given Dr Lim Xiang Jun time to explore deeply into the Chinese culture and develop the wisdom to apply the philosophies behind the different artistry to her clinical TCM practice. Trained under masters from both top academic field and those who live incognito, Dr Lim is well versed in administering TCM and acupuncture treatments that bring surprisingly immediate relief to many kinds of conditions.

Her qualifications include: 
• PhD. Acupuncture, Beijing Uni. of Chin. Med.
• MSc. Acupuncture, Beijing Uni. of Chin. Med.
• BSc. Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Beijing Uni. of Chin. Med.
• BSc. (Hons) Biomedical Science, NTU, SG
• TCMPB Fully Registered Licensed TCM Practitioner (SG)
• Ayurvedic Practitioner, Atreya Ayurvedic Med. College (India)
• Certified Reiki Practitioner (Japan)
• Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher
• Tom Myers Anatomy Trains - Body Reading 101

Having to be also trained in Yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda and other various Chinese metaphysics and Western alternative healing techniques, Dr Lim is very well versed in various energy medicines and healing therapy that does not involve chemicals or pills to help rebalance the body holistically and energetically.

Not only is she apt to traditional forms of healing, her Biomedical Science background has aid her to understand and handle a clinical condition from the modern Western medical point of view. In summary, she likes to explain conditions to her patients using Western medicine theories but treating them with natural, organic, non-invasive and green therapies.

In 2019, she created her own branding of “Dr Xiang Jun. The Modern Traditional Doctor” and is ready to bring TCM to whole new level to the world.

Call us at 6250 1222 to make an appointment.

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