Elizabeth Piper

Occupational Therapist

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About Elizabeth Piper

Professional Experience

Elizabeth Piper has practised in Singapore, UK and Sweden in acute, rehabilitative and community care, specialising in post-operative rehabilitation, dementia care, stress management and falls prevention. She recently founded Lifeweavers with a mission to advocate for the far-reaching benefits of preventive healthcare through personal therapy, corporate consultations, ergonomic services, equipment training and digital solutions.

Other than reacting to life-changing conditions with tailored interventions, Lifeweavers' brand of occupational therapy strongly believes prevention is always better than cure and true quality of life must be investigated through the environment, lifestyle, people surrounding and goals desired by the patient to form a holistic approach in treatments. As a principal therapist and team lead, she holds gold standard practices closely to her heart and introduces highly creative therapy techniques to facilitate more refined outcomes for persons with stroke, dementia, Parkinson's and amputation. There is also an emphasis on preparing the immediate family and caregivers in the formation of a solid program for the patient in totality. 

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