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Empower Fitness helps real people achieve real goals. 

Empower Fitness is a fitness company built to be completely client-focused. A place where all clients can come, work out and feel completely comfortable, giving them the confidence to smash their fitness goals, and not compare themselves to anyone else. 

Their philosophy is simple…

Create a community where everyone is encouraged and motivated to workout, and where every member can have fun and feel valued. 

Deliver world-class coaching where their team actively enhances their own knowledge within the industry to improve the way you train. 

Run all sessions in the best environment using the best facilities and equipment. A fundamental requirement for quality training. 

They focus on Strength and Conditioning coaching to a wide range of clients, from those wanting to enhance their sporting performance, get stronger after an injury or become the best version of themselves.

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About Lizzie Corbett

Lizzie’s career started as a Physical Training Instructor in the Royal Air Force (UK) and it was there that she developed her own unique style of coaching. After 9 years she moved on to work with various high performance teams, and now, specialises in Strength and Conditioning for female athletes and clients. 

She develops training programmes and personalised coaching sessions around different aspects of female life. Whether that may be pre- or post-natal exercise prescription, strength training for the menopause, or getting ready for the next big sporting event. She makes sure she understands your individual needs to attain your fitness goals. 

Lizzie has a passion for anything fitness and adventure related. The experience she has in taking part in ultra marathons, Ironman triathlons, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, hockey, and more, allows her to understand her clients and train in an achievable way to set and conquer any challenge. She loves seeing people achieve their goals, and being part of the process is, to her, the best thing about her job!

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