Jamie Foo

Reformer & TRX HIIT Instructor
The Movement Space

Core Collective Anson

About Jamie Foo

Professional Experience

After a few years of corporate life, Jamie turned to Pilates to improve her own scoliosis and back pain issues. She started as an indoor cycling instructor in 2011 and went to take on other fitness certifications such as TRX® and Pilates. Jamie has also been teaching Body Conditioning and HIIT classes in various gyms. In addition, Jamie is a fitness training educator at a local vocational institute.

Jamie enjoys making a positive change in the lives of others by helping them to make their health goals become a reality. She wants all clients to feel stronger, taller and happier at the end of each session. Her fitness philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as she works towards enhancing the well-being of the clients via various fitness styles.
Jamie strongly believes Pilates is for every gender and age and that Pilates principles can be integrated in every type of workout and even daily life. Jamie teaches TRX® HIIT, Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer series at Core Collective.

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