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About Julienne Low

Professional Experience

Jules was born in Australia to Chinese and Filipino parents. Her career in banking took her to London and Singapore where she climbed the corporate ladder over 15 years and reached COO level. After an extremely tough period in Jules' personal life where she experienced a collapse in her physical, emotional and mental health, Jules started her journey to find ways to help heal herself through her toughest times.  

As part of her healing process, Jules became a yoga teacher having done 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, and Stråla guide with over 300 hours of Advanced Leadership Training. Stråla combines the movement wisdom of tai chi, qi gong, and yoga, and practices of TCM and Shiatsu, to help release stress, heal, and move more easily through all kinds of challenges. Her focus is on sharing the practice of moving well, connecting to oneself, being centred, and finding ease in everything we do.

Jules has left the corporate world to share the benefits of these practices in living a balanced, healthy and happy life. Her passion is to empower people to thrive and to build resilience for our daily lives, by practicing ease and creating space within ourselves.

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