Kim Kiho

Senior TCM Therapist Consultant

Core Collective Anson

About Kim Kiho

Professional Experience

Kim obtained his Bachelor’s TCM Degree from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also has a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology accredited by CIBTAC. Since his childhood days, he had the opportunity to observe and learn from his grandfather, an experienced traditional medicine practitioner, using natural healing methods to help the patients, which inspired him to pursue his medical career.

Armed with more than two decades of experience, Kim has accumulated a wealth of medical knowledge and skills in China for 15 years and Singapore for over 7 years. His strong and sensitive hands can identify and release the pain points using his skillful manipulations of the body’s acupuncture channels and points. He has worked with numerous clients who have a range of conditions (from acute to chronic pain) including sore muscle, sprain, stiff neck, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, ​lower back pain, knee joint pain, muscle strain, joint pain and etc.

His philosophy is “Supporting my clients through their journey to restore their body function, maintaining good health and living a happy lifestyle”.

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