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Ministry of Fitness delivers innovative and functional training programs, adaptable for all ages and abilities. Their signature Military Boot Camps and Spartan Boot Camps, allow individuals to challenge themselves with something new or achieve new personal best’s in a nurturing and community environment. Their classes aim to be inclusive to all, scalable, and challenging for those who are at the start of a fitness journey or to hone skills for the seasoned veterans. 

Sean Camp is their lead for the Spartan classes. He is a Spartan SGX coach, Spartan SG Ambassador, and coach of the Spartan community and elite athletes in Singapore. He’s joined by William Petty, a former Military Captain and Army Commando, who is currently undertaking Spartan SGX qualifications and pursuing Elite Spartan racing excellence.

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About Sean Camp:

Spartan SGX Coach and Spartan Race Singapore Ambassador. Qualified Personal Trainer and coach to the spartan Elite. Sean’s biggest achievement has been in coaching, training his Wife to compete in elite for 2019, they had one goal, to achieve top 10 in her first race and a top 5 finish by the end of the year. She smashed this and has achieved way more than they had planned. His ability to maintain not only a healthy passion for the sport but a consistency and commitment, which is exemplary. Proves Sean’s dedication as a coach and mentor. 

About William Petty:

Approachable and competent Will values a mentor coaching style where he develops confidence and self value through positive reinforcement. The most enthusiastic in the room at all times, he is genuinely excited to train and train others in Military techniques and methods. You will feel energised, tired and like a new level of 100% has been reached in his classes. Will is the Bootcamp Manager and is the predominantly lead for all Bootcamp – Military. He is a Spartan Elite Racer and is currently undertaking his Spartan SGX qualification.

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