Natasha Hashim

Yoga Instructor

Core Collective Anson

About Natasha Hashim

Professional Experience

Natasha began her yoga practice in 2010, and has been on a journey of self-discovery and transformation ever since. Yoga has served as a refuge for her during difficult times and has served to heighten the good times.

Natasha's classes are themed and set to groovy music with energy-centred sequences aimed to help students truly return to their bodies and enter into movement with conscious intention. By sharing an experience of not only the physical journey but also her passion for connecting with the subtle body through practices of meditation, pranayama and self-reflection, she encourages her students to cultivate and embody their practice on and off the mat. She constantly strives to remind students to meet the challenges of yoga (and life) with patience and endurance while enjoying the rewards with gratitude and humility.

Natasha is honoured to share with her students all the teachings she has received from the mentors and guides she has met during her world travels – most notably Sarah Powers, Jo Phee, Jason Crandall, Tan Hee Boon, Janet Stone, Daniel Aaron and Les Leventhel.

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