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Osteopathy Health Care’s vision is to reach out to as many people and introduce them to Osteopathy so they can lead healthy, happy, and stress- and drug-free lives. They also want people to realise that if the body has the ability to create disease/pain in the body, it also has the ability to heal on its own. Osteopathy is a science of the 21st century. Without medicine, Osteopathy has the ability to heal, repair, cure and uplift one's health and wellbeing by adjusting a few muscles, nerves and bones. 


Osteopathy is a patient-focused rather than a disease-focused health care. Osteopathy Health Care values their patients’ trust. They care and listen to problems compassionately, understand them and very professionally treat them with full integrity, honesty and are dedicated to giving consistent results. 

About Us

Osteopathy Health Care in Singapore provides holistic care towards treating your body, mind and soul.

We cater patient with all age group from newborn to elderly suffering, from acute/chronic illnesses, pregnant women, sports players, cancer patients, immunosuppressant patients, neurological problems, heart conditions, lung/asthma care, body pains, depression, head injury.


• Child osteopathy
• Osteopathy for pregnant women
• Osteopathy for sport injuries
• Cranial osteopathy
• Visceral/organ manipulation
• Osteopathy for cancer
• Osteopathy for asthma/respiratory disorders.
• Headaches/ migraines
• Joint pains, back pains
• Depression, head trauma

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About Shruti

Shruti Seth started her career as a physiotherapist. With time her passion for health, yoga and meditation grew and she started looking for a more holistic approach wherein she was introduced to osteopathy and completed her masters in osteopathy from India and Diploma in osteopathic manual practice from Canada. She has given private consultations to high profile personalities like film stars, directors, producers and ministry officials.

She has been a mindfulness trainer since 2018, involved in lot of social service activities associated with The Art of Living Organization. She was the rank holder of her 2017 osteopathy batch, Sri Sri university.

Call us at 6250 1222 to make an appointment.