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About PepperMinted

Professional Experience

PepperMinted delivers professional mobile massage therapies through certified, experienced and thoroughly vetted therapists using high quality products. They believe massage is a treatment you can incorporate into your healthcare regime to regulate health, to improve mobility, and to recover. They want to help their customers improve their quality of life, at the same time, saving them travel time and the cost of finding great therapists.

Their services include: 
• Balinese 
• Swedish 
• Deep Tissue 
• Lymphatic 
• Jet Lag 
• Sports 
• Myotherapy
• Prenatal 
• Postnatal 

PepperMinted is about building a culture where health is more than a concept, it is a way of life. They believe in better looking after ourselves, to be able to look after our loved ones better.

They aim to help their customers think differently about healthcare and through their services, introduce a channel of natural preventative healthcare. PepperMinted is passionate about bringing healthcare services to our customers’ doorsteps, promoting health and improving quality of life.

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Call us at 6250 1222 to make an appointment.

Sports Massage Therapist
  • Jeff Goh
    Personal Trainer &
    Sports Massage Therapist