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Freedom to chase after dreams is a human right.

Physio Culture’s mission is to enable everyone, from the young to the elderly, to have a good quality of life. They believe that only with a healthy body are we able do things we like, and chase after our dreams.

From elderly in pain desiring a good night sleep and parents spending all their effort taking care of the family but neglecting his/her own health, to athletes suffering from injuries wanting to get back to peak performance, Physio Culture always has something to offer.

Physiotherapy is not just for those suffering from an injury, sickness or pain. It’s suitable for anyone looking to better their lives through the improvement of the body functions.

Physio Culture designs programmes according to your individual needs so that they can discharge you and help you to succeed in your life!

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About Chow Wen Jie:

Wen Jie has been working closely with senior consultants from BJIOS Orthopaedic Clinic from 2016-2017. She has in-depth knowledge regards rehabilitation for musculoskeletal issues. 

At the earlier part of Wen Jie's career, after she graduated with a Bachelor degree of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, she was working at Parkway East Hospital for 4.5 years. During this period, she covered the care for patients from ICU, medical ward to outpatient rehab department. She was also the reviewer and editor of the pre-natal course teaching material for PEH hospital at year 2012.

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