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Professional Experience

We are PBT
Pilates BodyTree is a team of teachers with a passion for life and the aim to enrich people's lives through movement. 

Whether to manage pain and injury or to increase enjoyment in a certain sport, career or family life, we believe that to live well, you have to move well. That requires flexibility, mobility and strength - what we call Mobility Fitness™.

It's more than just about building muscles, losing weight or breaking a sweat. It's about helping you to do things you love for a long, long time.

Our Approach
Our philosophy is 'every body is different'. Habits that form in our daily lives affect the way we move and manifest differently in our bodies. Therefore, we have specifically developed our initial assessment right through to group classes to provide as individualised an approach as possible to all our clients. Our quest is for every single person at PBT to make and enjoy Personalised Progress in their mobility fitness.

With this precise aim in mind,

• we've established a kickstarter session, a mobility fitness assessment to help us understand your body and the way you move.

• we've designed our group classes to be small and specially classified by intentions in order to highlight the different benefits of Pilates.

• our 1 to 1 sessions and duet sessions are all tailored to the needs of the client(s) in question.

Our teachers and our clients
Pilates Classes in Singapore are conducted by our team of teachers from various backgrounds yet unified as all of us are trained by our sister Academy (BodyTree Academy) and Pilates certified. We embrace the diversity in the team as it reflects the wide-ranging people we help and are bound by striving towards delivering an experience for all our clients that is compassionate, committed and progressive. It is with great joy that this practice has led to two of our founders Daniel and Jerry, winning the Fitness Best, Asia Pilates Instructor of the Year award in the inaugural 2017 and 2018 respectively. 

We would love to empower you to Move Well To Live Well!

Learn more:

Call us at 6250 1222 to make an appointment.

Pilates Instructors
  • I Rene Pung
    Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor
    The Movement Space
  • Nada Besir
    Pilates Reformer Instructor
    Pure Movement Centre
  • Jamie Foo
    Reformer & TRX HIIT Instructor
    The Movement Space
  • Clara So
    Pilates Instructor
    Clarity Soul Pte Ltd
  • Lucretia Cheng-Perlich
    Group Class Instructor
    Fitness Fun Group
  • Advantage Pilates