Beata Justkowiak
Psychologist & Life Coach
Energising Goals
  • MA Psychology, Personal Counselling specialization, Poznan University
  • Certified Life Coach, University of Warsaw
  • Duke University, Certification in Sport & Society
Beata Justkowiak

Beata Justkowiak is an ex-athlete, qualified Psychologist, and passionate Life Coach addicted to colorful smoothies and dark chocolate. She lives to make change happen, and helps others find their own way of managing life’s challenges. Beata listens well and people value her intuitive approach and progressive attitude. Always full of energy and living the healthy lifestyle.

The best results in a long term, we get from connecting body and mind. Allow me to guide your mind to work together with your body, be synchronized despite the tiredness, pain, limitations or everyday life excuses. Using positive psychology and coaching tools the self-improvement journey is much more likable and satisfying.

Beata's expertise lies in healthy lifestyle habits, creating balance, building self-confidence, managing stress and emotions and developing mental strength to help cope better.

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