Jeff Goh
Personal Trainer &
Sports Massage Therapist
  • International Sports Diploma in Sports Coaching
  • AMFPT Certification (Personal Trainer, Master, Sports Nutrition)
  • ISSA Fitness Trainer Certification
Jeff Goh

Jeff Goh has diverse experience and expertise in fitness and wellness.

The past 15 years in the fitness industry has earned him numerous testimonials from satisfied clients. Dedicated, extremely caring, knowledgeable and professional are just some of the virtues used to describe this all-rounded man. As the saying goes “different strokes for different folks”, Jeff constantly fine tunes his programs and therapies according to the progress and condition of his clients.

He takes into account the ever-changing transformations within the fitness industry and applies them to his training plans accordingly. Jeff will go the extra mile in ensuring his client’s wellbeing and is always looking for feedback to help improve his training methods.

He has an International Sports Diploma in Sports Coaching, AMFPT Certification and ISSA Fitness Trainer Certification.

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