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Professional Experience

Life Architects was started in 2013 by Joyce who has been in practice since 2007.
She has served as a counselor within the Singapore Armed Forces, Nanyang
Technological University, MOE schools, and the Singapore Prison Service.

Joyce is recognized as a Master Clinical Member and Clinical Supervisor by the
Singapore Association of Counselling. This is an honor given to persons with more
than 10 years of counseling experience and who have accumulated more than a
1000 hours of practice and supervision experience. She employs an integrative
approach to counseling, masterfully applying many theoretical approaches to her

Life Architects is a team of counselors and psychotherapists specially curated by
Joyce based on their various specializations. We have experts in the following areas;
families, children, various forms of addictions, sexologists, education, relationship,
grief and loss, adjustments and relocations. We play a complementary role to
psychiatrists in the continuing care of persons living with various mental health

Life Architects has also been awarded many contracts for employee welfare
programs. Our main clientele include the Housing and Development Board, Peoples’
Association, National Library Board, Ministry of Social and Family Development,
Ministry of Home Affairs. Life Architects worked with persons living with various
forms of mental health concerns in the workplace and helped resolve HR crises
when they arose.

Joyce authored a book,” Don’t Call Us Crazy; Demystifying mental illness with real
life accounts. She was inspired based on her real-life counseling experiences. The
book is no longer in print and can be found in most branches of the National Library
in Singapore.

Call us at 6250 1222 to make an appointment.

Professional Counsellors
  • Deepika Mulchandani
    Relationship Counsellor and Psychotherapist
    The Open Connections
  • Beata Justkowiak
    Psychologist & Life Coach
    Energising Goals
  • Sophia Goh
    Sofia Wellness Clinic