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About Matt Benfell

Professional Experience

Matt's passion lies in health, fat loss and body composition for his general population clients. This includes advising on nutrition, sleep, stress management, and training to help people improve health and get quick yet sustainable results.

For Matt, it’s about working intelligently through personalized and well-structured programs that take into account the clients lifestyle and previous history outside of the gym. Matt takes the time to get to know and understand his clients as well as providing an environment where clients can feel driven to achieve their goals and more.

Working directly with clients on the gym floor since 2009, Matt has a large amount of experience with people from all walks of life. Working in well known personal training studios in London, Australia and now Singapore, Matt has developed close ties to Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, and Trainers across the industry.

Matt loves learning and strives to keep himself ahead through continual education, connecting with industry thought leaders, regularly attending courses and studying.

Above all Matt is a results-driven trainer who gives 100% and in return asks for 100% commitment from clients to help them achieve results beyond their expectations. Most importantly Matt likes to have fun along the way and create an environment whereby clients enjoy the road to their goals and develop lifelong habits to help them look and feel awesome for the long run.

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