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About Muhd Noor Haaziq

Professional Experience

Haaziq holds a B.A (Merit) in Political Science. His 6 years of Calisthenics practice begun with street workouts and training NSFs in the Police Force as a Certified Physical Training Instructor (Police Training Command). 

In 2016, Haaziq fell in love with yoga, which refined his teaching style to cultivate mindfulness through an emphasis on meticulous cues and breathing techniques.

From his passion for calisthenics and yoga, he founded Start Station in 2017 to educate and inspire beginners to start bodyweight training.

His students, who range from complete beginners to advanced practitioners, have benefitted from his teaching due to his ability to customize classes such that every student is given a variation that is suitable for them, yet challenges them to progress.

Click here for a list of Haaziq's Calisthenics classes. 

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Calisthenics Instructor