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ProJack X was born out of two like-minded people; Jack, the Founder and Jojo, Jack’s ex-client, who wanted to do something ethical together. ProjackX gets its name from the strong belief they hold: that every client’s goal is a project to be delivered by a deadline. 

Their vision is to inspire people, help them discover who they really are, and make training with them the most incredible experience in client’s life journey. 

The founder of Projack X, Jack, has dedicated the past five years of his life figuring out why it’s so hard for people to lose weight, and how come when they do manage to lose it, tend to put it back in a short period of time. He believes that this is one of the reasons why people become discouraged and become less inclined to engage personal trainers. 

Jack wanted to fix this, so he created Projack X. Instead of strenuous workouts, heavy loads, and tough miserable diets, they help their clients build habits of training and eating healthy so that it becomes automatic and sustainable. The team at Projack X doesn’t seek pride in making people tired. They find fulfilment in coaching people right.

They believe that weight loss is not rocket science, and that what’s required is merely the understanding that the body is a servant, so to work on the master.

ProjackX’s training program in three steps: 

1. Habit formation 
2. Behavior change 
3. Continous improvement

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About Jack:

Jack is obsessed with people. He feels an immense sense of fulfillment when he sees clients achieving fitness goals that they thought they never could. To him, this feeling is irreplaceable. 

He believes that a true Coach is one who makes his/her client fall in love with the things they once thought was really hard for them to do.

Some might perceive personal training as simply as vigorous workouts, expensive training, eating chicken breast and broccoli, and hitting goals within short periods. Jack doesn’t believe in any of these. Jack’s goal for his clients is to help them build a lifestyle, understand that training isn’t about intensity but consistency, and that training isn’t “one-size fits all”. 

He helps people understand their body type and safe training methods, builds a strong foundation for his clients by helping them master the right techniques, and prioritizes building long-term relationships with all his clients. 

During his free time, Jack enjoys reading books that will help him deliver more quality service and make him a better man.

About Jojo:

Jojo was once Jack’s client. Her journey as a personal trainer began after Jack took her under his wing as her mentor, and empowered her to believe that she could do anything she put heart and soul into. He ignited her passion for fitness, which also led her to believe that she could become a Les Mills BodyPump instructor. 

People, working out, and food are Jojo’s absolute favourite things. She loves meeting people and sharing her passion for living a healthy active lifestyle. Since staying active has personally benefited Jojo in many ways, she now aims to spread her love for fitness by encouraging all to make it a part of their daily routine. 

Jojo loves food and wants you to discover that healthy food can be delicious too! She has a passion for cooking and experimenting new recipes with real whole foods, and can share some tricks of the trade to help you achieve your fitness goals while still being able to enjoy food. 

Share your fitness goals with Jojo and she will make them hers! While she’s honest that it’s not going to be easy, she will be with you every step of the way - helping and guiding you to achieve all of your fitness goals. She’s been there and she could do it. Now, so can you!

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