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SWISH! is a boutique swimming school offering an innovative programme of swimming lessons and aqua fitness for all ages (four months old+).  They love water and the freedom and confidence that swimming can bring.

SWISH! chooses not to focus on drowning statistics and other types of fear to promote what they do.  Instead, they carefully select coaches who can communicate the joy of swimming to their students, and inspire them to push through any learning challenges that they may encounter. SWISH! want their students to enjoy the water, just as they do. Their coaches spend time getting to know their students to understand any needs and concerns.   

Their adult classes cover cardio, core, circuit, sports, pre and post-natal, relaxation and rehabilitation.

Enjoy refreshing outdoor fitness in temperature-controlled pools with expert, energetic coaches.  The aim at SWISH! is for you to never regret a swim #whenyouswimyoucan

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Swimming Makes Children Smarter, According to Groundbreaking Research 

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