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The Movement Studio offers children and adult dance/fitness classes including Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary Ballet, and Barre classes.

They emphasise a holistic education based on respect and self-propelled learning and welcome all regardless of experience level. 

Discover and reignite the joy of movement physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Denise Lwin

Denise Lwin is currently teaching an array of classes such as Ballet, Modern Jazz, Showchoir, Swing, and Dance for Specials Needs. She teaches students at The Movement Studio as well as in local and international schools and pre-schools. She is MOE and ECDA certified. 

With a formal background in Ballet, she scored straight distinctions with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD UK) from 2005-2012. She has also completed her Major Levels Intermediate and Advanced Certifications (RAD Vocational Graded - Advanced 1), and graduated from RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (RAD CBTS) in 2010.

She has choreographed and performed for many performances and competitions. In partnership with Esplanade, NAC, Guavapass etc, she has also conducted numerous public workshops.  

Call us at 6250 1222 to make an appointment.

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