Aerial Arts

Aerial Arts is an art form that requires one to perform moves and techniques on suspended hula hoops or pieces of silk fabric - Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoops. It is regarded as a type of dance that requires strength, flexibility, balance, control. Techniques are often similar to other more established aerial arts like Trapeze, a short suspended bar, or Corde Lisse, a soft cotton rope. Aerial Hoops are known as ‘Circeaux’ or ‘Lyra’ and combines acrobatics with contortion and dance for its techniques. It is heavily influenced by both the static and swinging Trapeze, especially for poses and postures that end of a performance.

Please note that Aerial Arts and Aerial Yoga are not the same. To learn more about the difference between the two, please click here

Aerial Fitness Studio

Core Collective Dempsey

Aerial Fit

Using the aerial apparatus (Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks) to strengthen the body, students gain a heightened sense of awareness of different muscle parts. Beginners welcome.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop showcases flexibility and provides more support than Aerial Silks. Students learn the foundational poses and how to work in and around the hoop.

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks are made up of two floor-to-ceiling curtains of fabric connected together at the top. Learn foundational techniques on the aerial silk tails such as climbing, splits, and inversions.

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