Ballet is a theatrical artistic dance form, believed to have orginated from the Italian Renaissance courts in the 15th Century. It is genreally performed on the stage to an audience utilizing costumes, scenic props and lighting. It tells a story, expresses a thought, concept or emotion. It evokes magic and excitement, some more provoking or disturbing.
Core Collective together with our experienced instructors provide leading expertise in holistic dance and movement coaching.
Aromatic Movement Stretch
Start or end your day with our signature stretch! This integrates the finest essential oils, restorative ballet flow movement and breath work techniques.
This is a must try for everyone, who desires a therapeutic stretchy Perk-me-Up.
Prima Ballerina Strength & Flexibility
This is the more intense yet therapeutic class to improve your total body strength and stretch. Allegro, adagio repertoires, progressive ballet floor techniques are taught in this class, along with French ballet terminology. Be prepared to sweat some, while smiling and moving gracefully!

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Ballet Instructor
  • Evelyn Wong
    Ballet Instructor
    The Graceful Swan