Body Movement

Body movement classes are focused on increasing the body’s awareness through movement and skills. Combining strength, mobility, conditioning and joint training, increase your body's ability to express your movement through new skills such as handstands or gymnastic ring movements. Build your capability to move better pain-free, for the activities you enjoy.

Mushin Movement

Core Collective Anson

Bodyweight Strength

One-up your fitness in this strength class which combines bodyweight exercises and progressive movements to give you better functional strength and movement control. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Progressive Mobility

Our mobility classes utilises a variety of stretches and end range strength exercises to get you to be as strong as possible, in as much range of motion as you need.

Hand Balancing

Build the required strength, endurance, and skill needed to start balancing on your hands, and eventually improve your inversion practice to advanced handstand presses and shapes. All levels are welcome. 

Rings Movement

Want a fun way to build strength and gain mastery over your body? Work towards ring muscle-ups, levers, pull ups, dips, and more in a safe and controlled setting. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Work your muscular endurance and blast your cardiovascular fitness with a variety of explosive and isometric movements involving rings, sliders, and more in this class high-intensity class designed to get your muscles burning, and your sweat on!

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Body Movement
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