The word Calisthenics originated from the greek ancient words "kalos" (meaning beauty) and "sthenos" (meaning strength). It consists of bodyweight exercises yet functional at the same time as it involves a variety of gross motor movements—running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. — often performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment. Core Collective works with our instructors to curate an array of interesting Calistenics classes to help build and strengthen your core.

Calisthenics Basics 
Don’t know what Calisthenics is all about? Start from the basics and learn how to work your entire body in unison as we explore basic movements, with emphasis on form and control. Increase body awareness and functional strength in this bodyweight-only class.
Calisthenics Strength
This class will improve your strength and explosive power. With the help of gymnastic rings and paralettes, this class is designed to work the entire body in unison as we explore movements, with emphasis on form and control. By using techniques like time under tension and explosive action, you will develop strength to move on to advanced calisthenics movements like planche, front lever and handstands.
Core 360 
Build functional strength to progress into more advanced movements and improve overall performance. Core 360 will hit every core muscle that runs from the shoulders to the quads, including the lower back, hips and glutes. With the use of dynamic and static core exercises using the parallettes, gymnastic rings as well as floor exercises, this class builds core stability, functional posture, dynamic motion and flexibility.
Introduction to Handstands
Have you always wanted to learn how to handstand but have a fear of being upside down? This class will ease you into your handstand journey. You will be introduced to exercises that will strengthen your upper body, core and legs to allow you to safely balance on your hands. Learn the proper handstand alignment, form and technique. This class will also cover basic stretch, strength and mobility exercises for your wrists and shoulder that help your joints to move better in handstands. No prior handstand or inversion experience required.
Rings Pull ups/Muscle ups
This is a multi-level class that will take you a step closer towards mastering your ring pull-ups and muscle-ups. This upper body strength training will target your biceps, back and lats (for pull-ups) and also your chest, shoulders, abs and triceps (for muscle-ups). Emphasis will be placed on perfecting your form and technique.

*Not all classes are available every month, please refer to schedule for the latest updates.

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Calisthenics Instructor
  • Muhd Noor Haaziq
    Calisthenics Instructor
    Start Station