The word Calisthenics originated from the greek ancient words "kalos" (meaning beauty) and "sthenos" (meaning strength). It consists of bodyweight exercises yet functional at the same time as it involves a variety of gross motor movements—running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. — often performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment. Core Collective works with our instructors to curate an array of interesting Calisthenics classes to help build and strengthen your core.

Muhd Noor Haaziq - Start Station

Core Collective Anson

Cali Rings 

Take your training to the next level on the gymnastic rings. Develop full-body strength and train your core in this fun yet challenging class with a variety of Calisthenics moves and exercises on the gymnastics rings! 

Cali Strength

Improve strength and explosive power with the help of gymnastic rings and paralettes through the use of techniques like time under tension and explosive action. 

Cali Strength+

Level up from Cali Strength with intense supersets, weighted Calisthenics, and advanced Calisthenics moves like the muscle-up and handstands work. Must have attended Cali Strength previously. 

Cali Core  

With the use of dynamic and static core exercises using the parallettes, gymnastic rings as well as floor exercises, this class builds core stability, functional posture, dynamic motion and flexibility.

Cali Shred (HIIT)

Be challenged by intensive full-body drills, sprints and high intensity circuits through functional calisthenics movements.

Float 101

Fast track your handstand journey and work towards your first few seconds of float. Get away from the wall and start to find balance in freestanding handstands. You will be working in small groups as you learn how to confidently enter and exit your handstand safely in this workshop-style class.

*Not all classes are available every month, please refer to schedule for the latest updates.

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Calisthenics Instructor
  • Muhd Noor Haaziq
    Calisthenics Instructor
    Start Station