High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training, also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise or sprint interval training, is a training technique where you will be expected to give your all-out, one hundred per cent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short less intensive recovery periods. This type of training has been increasingly popular these days as it keeps your heart rate up and burns off more fat and calories within a shorter period of time! For those looking for a quick and convenient fix, Core Collective offers a variety of HIIT classes suitable for all fitness levels:
Esteban Merchan - Oompf! Fitness

Core Collective Anson

Kettlebell Flow (Fat Burn)

Tone up your muscles, train your core, mobility, and flexibility. Expect to burn 300-500 calories in these sessions. Your metabolic rate will also be increased 10 to 25 percent so you will continue to burn more fats up to 48 hours after the class!
Jaime Foo

Core Collective Anson


TRX is suspension training based around HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This class will require you to use your entire body, specifically focusing on your core -namely your abdominals, glutes and back.
Jen Goh

Core Collective Anson

Cardio Core HIIT

Develop stamina, power and core strength in this dynamic heart-pumping workout, set to good upbeat music that focuses on spinal movements, balance and core work, with cardio interval training for fat burn. Suitable for all levels.

Strength HIIT 

Develop strength, endurance and power in 45 minutes, with good upbeat music. This is an equipment based class using barbell, plates, dumbbells, and body weight training.

Circuit HIIT 

Circuit HIIT combines athletic cardio movements and strength training into one total body workout. Get motivated and be ready to burn calories, improve fitness level and achieve results! Suitable for all levels.

Yoga HIIT 

A combination of Yoga and HIIT. Develop strength, endurance and power in 45 minutes, with good upbeat music. 
Jorge Jimenez

Core Collective Anson

Circuit Training

This class uses resistance and cardio training techniques to improve your endurance and help you build strength. Plus, This challenging full body circuit training has all the metabolism and mood-boosting benefits of standard resistance training-- just in a quicker format.
Xcaliber Fitness

Core Collective Anson

Bouncy Bouncy (Basics) - Trampoline Fitness

This program helps new participants get used to the rebounding motion on a trampoline. Tracks are of a lower BPM for them to get the rhythm of rebounding. They learn and practice the basic movements on a trampoline. They also learn the technique to perform simple core stabilizing exercises on the trampoline. This builds a strong foundation for rebounding while having fun and burning tons of calories.
Muhd Noor Haaziq - Start Station

Core Collective Anson

Cali Shred (HIIT)

Be challenged by intensive full-body drills, sprints and high intensity circuits through functional calisthenics movements.
*Not all classes are available every month, please refer to schedule for the latest updates.

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HIIT Instructors
  • Xcaliber Fitness
  • Esteban Merchan
    Group Class Instructor
    Oompf! Fitness
  • Jen Goh
    Group Class Instructor
  • Muhd Noor Haaziq
    Calisthenics Instructor
    Start Station
  • Jorge Jimenez
    Group Class Instructor