Run Analysis

A Run Analysis is one of the most time-saving and cost-effective ways to stay injury-free and improve your run. A session will help you understand your running stride better and will be beneficial for run/triathlon enthusiasts and triathletes.

The process of an analysis session consists of a pre-analysis assessment, video analysis, neuromuscular and physical therapy, and finally recommendations and tips.

In your pre-analysis assessment, the coach will go through your pre-filled assessment form with you in further detail to ensure that he/she understands your needs and body’s condition.

During the video analysis, your running stride will be videoed from various angles. The run analysis coach will then walk through a breakdown of your slowed-down video in order for you to gain a better understanding of your own running.

After analysing your running stride, the run analysis coach will provide you with advice, drills, remedial strength and conditioning exercises to improve your run. You will also be guided on how to practice these exercises to ensure that you can follow through doing them correctly on your own.

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Run Analysis Professionals
  • Kalidass Murugan
    Principal Physiotherapist
    PhysioDass Spine & Sports Rehab
  • Second Wind Nation