Yoga is said to have originated in India during the Golden Age, nearly 26,000 years ago. The actual Sanskrit word, when broken down, means "to control", "to yoke" or "to unite". The word has also been translated to mean "joining", "uniting" and "union". The union is made between the self and the spirit. It has become increasingly popular today not just for spiritual benefits but also physical advantages. Core Collective offers regularly scheduled yoga lessons with experienced and well-accredited instructors. Classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students looking to improve their practice.
Yoga HIIT Yoga HIIT stands for Yoga done in High-Intensity Interval Training format. Get ready to develop flexibility, endurance and strength with a mix of power yoga poses, set to uplifting music. This class is suitable for anyone. Be prepared to perspire and feel good in this yoga class.

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Yoga Instructor
  • Jen Goh
    Group Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

    Classes conducted:
    Cardio Core HIIT
    Strength HIIT
    Yoga HIIT